or a bride, the wedding is an outcome of months of planning, stress, and exertion. One can only imagine the consequence of all the stress on your skin. And appearing tired and dull as a bride-to-be is a big NO! While home skin-care routines are a great way to keep your skin moisturised and nourished, it can only do so much to make it appear radiant.

At Derma Cosmetika, we make achieving rejuvenated, glowing skin a breeze with our bridal skin treatments designed for brides and their ladies in waiting. 

Bridal skin treatment for brides and bridesmaids at Derma Cosmetika

At Derma Cosmetika, our team of qualified aestheticians strive to give you a radiant glow with our bridal skin treatment packages in Melbourne. With every individual’s need differing from another, we tailor the bridal every bride, providing treatments more suited for you.

You can choose from a number of treatments we provide to create your customised bridal packages at our clinic in Melbourne. Some of the treatments widely opted for include:


Microdermabrasion is commonly opted to improve the appearance of the skin from sun damage, age spots, acne scars, and age lines. A minimally invasive procedure, microdermabrasion requires a total of six sessions spaced apart for the best results.

Chemical peels

Chemical peel is a procedure that helps improve the texture and appearance of the skin by exfoliating and peeling the surface layer, leaving behind new skin that is more youthful and refreshed. Chemical peels help reduce age lines, pigmentation, and other imperfections of the skin.

Laser hair removal

Spending hours getting waxed will only give you short-term joy. Scheduling appointments every few months in the middle of strenuous planning can be even more taxing. At Derma Cosmetika, we provide laser hair removal treatments that give you smooth skin painlessly. With zero downtime, the procedure is both quick and effective, providing lasting results.

Pigmentation treatment

Pigmentation can be triggered due a number of reasons that are hard to avoid every day. We help you achieve radiant and glowing skin with numerous pigmentation treatments that minimise even the most stubborn pigmentation lesions. We offer our brides and bridesmaids at Derma Cosmetika chemical peels packages to help reduce and treat pigmentation for more radiant and even skin.

Advanced Facials

At Derma Cosmetika, we provide both hydra facials and signature glow facials that help minimise pigmentation and other signs of ageing while also hydrating the skin and making it appear radiant. These facials are designed to deep-clean, stimulate collagen production, and nourish the skin of lost nutrients.

Apart from the above-mentioned treatments, we also have a range of other procedures ideal for you that can be identified during your free consultation.

Find the right bridal deals for you at Derma Cosmetika

To understand your options better, our team here at Derma Cosmetika will assess your skin to determine the right treatment for you. Depending on the skin-type and the requirements, we will be able to customise bridal deals and packages for you that are affordable and provide astounding results.

You can head over for a consultation or book an appointment with us by contacting us at (03) 9043 1479.


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