Did you know that by having your eyebrows lifted you are also lifting saggy or hooded eyelids? No matter how thick or thin your eyebrows are, when you have the right shape, colour and dimensions, they work as a nice frame to the big picture (your face).

The perfect eyebrow shape and height can be achieved with one or more different methods.

If you suffer from hooded eyebrows and/or eyelids, we can help you to enhance the shape and colour.

This can be achieved by one or more of the below treatments:

What is a non-surgical eyelid lift?

Until the last decade, surgical forehead lifts were the only sure way to ensure a promising lift to the brows. Today, cosmetic clinics use more than a single method to achieve glowing results with brows that have a notable lift to them, making the recipients of the procedure look younger and more refreshed.

How can your non-surgical eyebrow lift help?

  • Non-surgical procedures for a hooded eyelid can help in by:

Giving your brows the perfect arch and placement

A non-surgical brow lift near Windsor clinic can pull your brows high – compared to the sagging brows sported earlier – and make you look years younger.

  • Reducing the appearance of hollows in the upper lids

Your brows can often appear sagged if the hollow in the upper lids are more pronounced. This can be addressed with the help of a non-surgical eyebrow lift that reduces the hollow and makes the brows more lifted.

  • Improving the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines

Wrinkles and frown lines become a common fixture on your faces as we age. These lines add years to us, making us appear older than we are. A non-surgical brow lift can significantly reduce the appearance of frown lines and wrinkles through the many procedures offered at our clinic.

What to expect from your non-surgical brow lift?

With the procedures we offer being non-invasive, the risks involved with a non-surgical eyebrow lift near Windsor clinic is extremely minimal. When carried out by an experienced professional, these risks are also avoided. The procedure requires about 20-30 minutes to carry out and is painless. Depending on the treatment you receive, the effects of the treatment can last anywhere between 6-18 months.

You also do not require any downtime after the procedure and resume your daily work as long as it is not strenuous. In certain cases, some minor bruising or swelling may be noticed at the site of treatment. This is a common side-effect that subsides in a day or two.

Your aesthetician can help you with a more detailed list of dos and don’ts to make the process easier for you.

How much will the treatment cost?

At Derma Cosmetika, we provide a number of procedures to ensure a notable lift to your brows. The cost for all of these procedures varies, depending on the extent of the sag to your brows, the type of treatment you wish to opt for, and other vital factors. A consultation can better help you determine the cost of treatment in your case.

How can I book for my consultation or treatment?

To make a booking for consultation with one of our experienced dermal therapists, speak with one of our friendly staff on (03) 9043 1479 or click on the button below.


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