A saggy or wrinkled butt can often make you feel less confident. While these imperfections are more common than not, having a defined butt is a sure booster, no matter what your age! And while surgical butt lifts may sound like a good option, they come with their own risks and limitations. A quick way to get a great butt is opting for a non-surgical butt lift. Non-surgical butt lifts work by giving the skin of your butt a notable lift without the need for incisions or surgical interventions.

How do you get a BBL without surgery?

Exercise is an easy option for non-surgical butt lift however you have to choose the right kind of exercise and it may take a very long time before you see results. At Derma Cosmetika in Melbourne, Australia, we offer non-surgical butt lift by lifting your butt skin for a lifted and more contoured butt shape.

We offer a couple of treatment options to help lift and tighten your butt and get rid of butt cellulite.

  • Exilis Ultra 360 is a non-invasive and non-surgical option that uses macro ultrasound waves combined with radiofrequency waves to reduce butt fat, and give them a lift, also improving orange peel-like skin.
  • Ultraformer III is another non-invasive and non-surgical alternative that uses micro and macro ultrasound waves to reduce fat, tightens skin and help with cellulite.

Non-surgical butt cellulite treatment - Are you eligible?

The non-surgical butt lift procedures conducted at Derma Cosmetika are non-invasive and quick to carry out, safe and effective for people of all genders and ages. During your consultation with us, we will take your health condition and other relevant factors into account to determine whether the treatment is ideal for you. If your medical history is concerning, we may recommend that you not go through with the procedure.

What to expect from a non-surgical butt lift?

Your nonsurgical butt lift treatment at Derma Cosmetika is comfortable and painless. While the procedure may feel like you’re on a hot stone, there is no discomfort felt throughout.

You may notice some redness immediately following the procedure which will subside over the next few hours. This is common and does not last long. We will also be explaining the possible after-effects of the treatment to you during your consultation so that you are aware of how you can best deal with them.
While the immediate outcome may not be what you expect, the skin will take time to heal and will improve with each passing day, leaving you with tighter skin and a pronounced lift. Over the days following your procedure, you will be able to see the proper results of the treatment without the side-effects impairing your view. Most people notice improvement by week four of their treatment.

The best results often require four sessions spaced 7 to 11 days apart. However, you must take note that the results of a non-surgical procedure cannot be compared to that of a surgical lift.

How much will a non-surgical butt lift cost?

Considering the results, you can achieve with a non-surgical butt lift and cellulite treatment, the cost is certainly affordable. Depending on the extent of treatment needed, the cost of the butt lift may vary for each person. This can be determined during your initial consultation where we assess your skin and tailor treatment plans for you.

How can I book for my consultation or treatment?

To make a booking for consultation with one of our experienced dermal therapists, speak with one of our friendly staff on (03) 9043 1479 or click on the button below.


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